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So, school is going well, getting good grades and Christmas is coming soon. What's not to like?

I have made a good friend at school, she started a anime group that I go to each Friday and I enjoy being friends with her very much, it feels very good to have a friend in real life. ^.^

Not sure what else to talk about.. -thinks-

Well.. Even though I have friends at school, I feel like I sort of dread school when it comes around and I'm sort of forced into it but its just one more year so I'm trying to block out how much I dislike going to school despite having many accommodations to make it easier.

I guess its just being confined and not able to feel relaxed in school makes me feel that way.. School feels really restrictive unless you have a class which gets you really invested, and I don't have a science class, so its a bit harder.. But once Christmas comes around, I'm halfway there so just gotta buckle down, calm down and push myself to get to the finish line, then fall over panting. XD;;


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Ravenclaw House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud
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(Though I know squat about HP...)

Sookie Zodiac Aquarius 1 by sookiesooker

'lo 'lo dA! My name is AriannaTheKeybearer, or what I named myself when I first made this account, was a KH noob back then so bear with me. ^^;

My friends call me Ari, Cassie, and some call me Mina from a room called UltimateRPx please do check it out, its a boatload of fun. ^.^

Now where to start... My favorite video games are from many genres, although I'm very central towards nintendo, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, stuff like that, and even lesser known things like Earthbound/Mother 3. My second source is from Square Enix, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. ATLUS is my third, with series like Trauma Center, Persona and Catherine, I'm a sucker for them all. ^.^

I also am a really big anime fan, I draw a lot of emotion from the ones I like, Ouran Host Club, No. 6, Sailor Moon, a bit of Pokemon, Soul Eater, and I dabble a lot in my friends favorites.

I also like seeing movie fanart like Back to the Future, or cartoons like Avatar the Last Airbender.

I'm also a bit of a poet and a writer, although I think others can take ideas and do a lot better, its a venting mechanism and I want to share.

Icon by Mizzi-Cat
Aquarius sign by sookiesooker

CRITICAL NOTE: I don't really care for llamas, right now I'm looking for any way to better my art, right now I'm hoping to better my coloring so if there is any demonstrations or instructions you can give me, I'll appreciate it greatly. The main point of this is that I DO NOT CARE FOR LLAMAS.

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thx for the fave <3
MomoiroGirl 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav! :DD
Thanks for the fave~
Zoy Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the +fav 
Red-sketchbook Apr 3, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch ^^
Thank you very much for the watch!
AriannaTheKeybearer Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! You don't know how long I have been looking for a Persona 3 tarot deck so I can make a physical one to do readings with. You have really helped out a lot.
I had the exact same issue, that's why I just made one myself!

The Universe card is designed after textures I ripped from the final in-game cutscene AND the quick travel menu also using a card showing the Milky Way.

Sadly they never released a full deck outside of the other Major Arcana and they never released the full set of artwork for each card but thankfully the textures for EVERYTHING was in the game for me to base them all on. ^^
AriannaTheKeybearer Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you think you could throw together a rar. file with all the ones for persona 3 please? Or were you working on that already? Also... Did you base yours on an actual deck? I have a link to a variation where there's only a king one after the 10 for the minor arcana, but don't know if that is accurate.
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UraHameshi Feb 26, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Hey! Thanks for the kind visit and fave, I appreciate it :)
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